Oct 10, 2012

Valory Irene: Education Is A Turn On (And 2 Options For All Her Score Content Now)

Scoreland has released yet another image set with Valory Irene that we haven't seen before, at least not as a release through their forefront websites. In Private Lesson she shows up as a student. But as one from a very special faculty. One of the aspects of Valory is that she can indeed look as serious and cheerfully sociable like a regular student. She just 'breaks through' when she unleashes these delicious 34G boobs. And when we give her stellar posing another look, Valory turns out as a one of a kind charm bomb. She is a girl to get you totally addicted. I notice now that Private Lesson is one of Valory's earliest sets for Score, after there is a matching video - Curvaceous Coed, released at ScoreVideos in 2010. These 2 stills are from the Flash trailer. You can also check the WMV samples.

Since Valory Irene's content is spread over a variety of sites, Score is offering 2 options now to get all the work she is ever done with them through one place: There is Valory's Vault, a site that gathers all of her Score content, created one year ago to let subscribers rather conveniently download all the goodness. And fresh off the presses now is Valory's Vault in a 2 DVD format, in case that sounds like a better deal for you. The 2 discs at least should be cheaper - $39.95, plus p&p (vs $59.99 for the site). Anyway, here's a few more samples from Private Lesson


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