Oct 5, 2012

Melissa Manning: Re-Measured At Score - Her Boobs Are 36H !! [Upd. 12-10-05]

Jaime aka Melissa Manning aka Melissa Manning 34G has been working on her hair color, as we could see on the latest Cosmid updates. Now she is blonde. On her blog she tells that her natural color is actually blonde, but i assume it's a darker tone. So i am debating what i like most. The bright blonde hair gives her a more mainstream, angelic look, while her (dyed) dark hair seemed to support her cute and vivid character stronger. She seemed to have more "substance" with the dark hair, thus i have a slight bias for that. But then, when you see Melissa in motion with the new blonde hair, she is unbelievable as well.
Mid September she flew to Miami to work with Score again. And here we have Melissa's Cups Runneth Over, the first release from these sessions. It's a 20 min video, out at Scoreland. Melissa is trying various bras, and they all seem to be very tight. Even tighter than they are supposed to be. They measure her - Melissa's boobs are 36H ! What?? No way! I gotta change my name! Melissa is so sexy, cute and real at the same time. Again she blows us away, in a fashion like only she can do it. More screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips:

Edit 12-10-05:
Jaime aka Melissa Manning has indeed updated some of her profile names to 36H. That means you will find her on Twitter and MyFreeCams now as MelissaM36H (the old links are no longer working). I've updated the links of this article correspondingly, but not in the older blog entries (as they always reflect the given state at that time).


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