Oct 24, 2012

Michelle Monaghan And Karina Heart: 2 Buxom Queens Messing With The Sprinkler

Michelle Monaghan is hanging out in the garden, taking a sun bath. Eventually she falls asleep and her mind is filled with the sweetest dreams. But not for long, as there is also Karina Heart, who turns on the sprinkler. You already guessed it, what's happening now is a little fight to gain control of the sprinkler/water hose, and Michelle and Karina spraying each other… DDFBusty have recently presented Michelle Monaghan and Karina Heart (as they call Karina Hart) together, in a boobs and bras talk encounter, as well as Karina shining outdoors or Michelle playing on the garden table. I'd guess that not only me had been hoping on an outdoors scene pleasing us with Karina & Michelle together. So here is the Jiggly Joyful Jug Show! And it's a blast. They both are true busty queens - Karina is famous for her 34H boobs, Michelle's measurements stand at 32H - both are stunning beauties, as well as they have shown in countless productions how wonderfully they behave in front of a camera. So this scene just had to turn out as a classic, right? When checking it now, Michelle and Karina indeed look tremendous and their interaction is sweet. But what's also wonderful that you hardly have any posing in such a scene, as it naturally runs in a quite unpredictable and spontaneous fashion. So we're getting lots of super juicy views and impressions of Michelle and Karina that we haven't seen before. This new DDFBusty release marks the 26th update for Michelle Monaghan and the 16th for Karina Heart. More samples:

Screen shots from the Flash trailer & the WMV sample clips


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