Oct 15, 2012

Ewa Sonnet - Wet Boobs In The Tropical Hut

Ewa Sonnet's Tropical releases at Busty.pl are one of the most amazing things happening in 2012. Totally! They are coming the whole year now. If you haven't seen them all, i recommend you to click the Ewa Sonnet label and check my over a dozen entries. Last month Ewa's hut was introduced. Now Wet Hut, a new video, is out where we can see that this hut has gotten a considerable upgrade - it is turned into a kind of a huge canopy bed. You gotta have such an idea, right? Ewa lolls and stretches, of course with teasing us. It most be hot there. Completely in style, Ewa has this coconut and pours the liquid over her big boobs… I couldn't find really special stills to create from this video, as it is one of these scenes that you just have to see in motion. Ewa Sonnet is a girl who moves so exhilaratingly and in such a sexy way, it's a different effect when playing the video. The whole almost 12 min True HD clip is available for members of Busty.pl


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