Feb 1, 2012

It's 2012, Miosotis Back With A Personal Site And Looking Hotter Than Hot

This is an amazing story. Going back in time, exactly 3 years, to January 2009, remember what was the dominating news then, culminating in endless discussions? Yes, Miosotis had "left behind" her personal Miosostis-Claribel site, to re-emerge as a contract model of the IncrediblePass camp, who built her the ClubMiosotis site. The news was HUGE not only because a beautiful model with spectacular 36KKK boobs had switched company. Her move meant also a drastic career change, from glam model and working with one of the most acknowledged photographers in that field, Daktari Lorenz, to go with a company producing gonzo porn and … well, not paying any attention at all to visual standards. Lordy! These were SERIOUS discussions! People assumed that hardcore "just pays better". Truth was that Daktari had been paying her several 1000 € each month, guaranteed. Her new company obviously had lured her with a big one-time payment and organized batch shooting sessions, piling up enough content to have updates for years to post. While Miosotis soon didn't receive any payments at all any more. The adult business can be tricky. Here's one of the heated discussions i was involved in.

Things got brighter again for Miosotis when Scoreland showed up in early 2010 and got her for a bunch of releases. Most of them were hardcore, Miosotis looked stunning, and the interest in her peaked again. At the end of 2010 Cel from XX-Cel got Miosotis for shoots into his studio in France, featuring her treasures to much acclaim again.

And now, after long ongoing work behind the scenes, Miosotis is back with a personal site. Almost a year passed between the announcement of the site and it effectively going live. The people in charge of the technical aspects, as i understand it, are personal friends of Miosotis, and they speak very open about the difficulties they ran into, like in this blog post. As Miosotis is closely involved in the whole project, so not only dedicated when the cameras are pointed at her. It's the real Miosotis speaking through the social networks like Twitter (predominantly), Facebook and Myspace. All these are samples from her new site.

So far so good, you will say, but how does her new content look like? Surprisingly great! Even considering that it was supposed to be good, as expectations were high because, after the whole history behind her, Miosotis had to come with something really exceptional. To create enough interest in new content with her otherwise would have been difficult. Her photographers obviously had a close look to her first (quality) website. But without just imitating it. There is much more variety in the locations and style, the whole spectrum from classy and elegant to personal and casual is covered. A very wise decision i think. And Miosotis herself? Her boobs are absolutely unbelievable as ever, her body looks like a timeless miracle, as always. Although her teaser video (you can even download it - 175 MB) introduced her as "Now even BIGGER". Maybe i'll have to watch even closer. Her face looks more adorable than ever, even younger. Life apparently has treated Miosotis well. One of the most spectacular models is back in splendid form and style! Below a screen caps from her teaser clip: 





  1. Sincere thanks to you Panhype for spreading the good news, we haven’t chatted for ages we will have to catch up. It’s good to see a true blogger with his finger on the pulse doing a proper job, there are so many that just regurgitate spoon fed freebies from an affiliate network.

    I am pleased to say that the joining stats have been overwhelming and exceeded expectations three-fold and a big thank you to all Mio’s fans that have joined her site. I will do my very best to make sure you get value for your money for as long as you want.
    It was inevitable that the content would be compared with the work Miosotis has done previously but this is totally different to anything else she has done before. The-real-miosotis is a personal site run purely for her benefit and was conceived to present her as a regular girl from Dominican Republic as much as the internationally renowned glamour model that she had become. After 7 years in the business there was a call for something a bit different, there is a limit to the number of new poses even for a girl like Mio.

    Bernd Daktari Lorenz was without doubt her best photographer but don’t forget he did photograph Miosotis cleaning a gents public toilet!
    Score produced their usual highly polished over photoshopped version which was technically ok but without soul. I still can’t believe they put Miosotis, a black Dominican, in an auburn wig just to match the décor!
    We don’t talk about the Incredible Dollars debacle, ClubMiosotis.
    Celian has that wonderful knack of an original angle but just has to handle the merchandise and PornPros did a great job too.

    The-real-miosotis is a culmination of many people’s work some professional others not, it doesn’t pretend to be Score but it is fresh, original and hers.


  2. Glad to hear it started out well, I love the concept of the site, but what's the latest? I see on twitter she is expecting to do some new shoots this year (2013), but maybe not for the-real-miosotis? Can you give us a hint about what is to come?

  3. Anon, I'd say Miosotis on Twitter and Facebook is either she personally or a person close to her. Simply because i haven't seen some of the photos posted there anywhere else. It's on top of my to-do list to talk to the webmaster and hopefully i'll get some new photos to post here.


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