Apr 20, 2012

Shione Cooper - Her Final Final Releases For Cosmid, With A Very Unusual Announcement!

Cosmid is doing a rather unusual thing here. As consecutive updates today, they've released 2 image sets featuring Shione Cooper. Together with the info: So I think this will probably be the last update with Shione for this site. We were the first ones to post anything with her in it many years ago, but since then she has taken off into other areas and is no longer Cosmid style, but she brought us a lot of members a few years ago, so we bid her a fond farewell : ) .   

I think all my recent entries about Shione Cooper were accompanied by real talk, i. e.  observations and thoughts about her career in general. It hadn't been my idea continue with that, but to revert to simply posting her updates, in case there are good looking ones. But this statement from Cosmid is too unusual to ignore. I also think they absolutely want to get their decision to dump Shione clearly noticed, by the move alone to post 2 consecutive updates with her as their final ones. Of course Cosmid refer to Shione Cooper's hardcore work. She started with it at the of 2009, with keeping in demand for softcore. But recently a flood of hardcore or fetish started to hit the market, an indication as well that Shione will be shifting in the future to more extreme action compared to the so far released hardcore content. Cosmid is a softcore site, they think apparently that Shione is no longer a model generating noteworthy signups for them.

But why such an announcement, instead of just silently letting their content run out? Like i said, Cosmid obviously want attention for their decision. But for telling what? Just to express their regret that Shione, after being an important model for them, doesn't fit in any longer? Companies don't do that usually, when models move on. So maybe they wanted to send a signal? To Shione's fans, to speak up and request her? Or to Shione and her agency that, if she doesn't consider her moves more wisely, her options will decline and she will see her career end in a dark dead-end street, throwing away the potential that she had? Or maybe they just have read my recent entries and wanted to chime in?

Irrespective of that, all my recent posts about Shione Cooper softcore work, here and on Tumblr, have been amazingly popular. It's not that the fans of her solo work would have given up on her. At least not yet. Her final updates with Cosmid are Final Final, Shione posing in very colorful lingerie, and Working Out, the image set matching the recently released video, ending her stint with Cosmid at 14 updates.


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  1. Shione is a real cutie. I haven't seen much of her hardcore stuff, just photos, but I have like what I've seen.
    Does she do any fetish stuff?


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