Apr 9, 2012

Aneta Buena & Kora Kryk: Above And Completely Underwater

This is something that we don't see very often: Girls with enormous curves or boobs showing off underwater. For obvious reasons, as such shots appeal only to a smaller number of fans, while there are the extra requirements behind such content, like a water-proof camera and a fitting location. But now it is underwater boobs time. The big way! Aneta Buena's site has released a photo set and video update with Aneta and Kora Kryk diving together. 

The samples from the preview gallery just look okay for me (although my personal opinion might not matter). While Aneta and Kora again look too mesmerizing on the 'regular' shots. A completely different story are the sample clips (edit: the 2nd sample clip is working now). Seeing these girls' boobs move smoothly and float under under, i can get really excited about that. These views are super hot! Before you can hear Aneta laughing - oh boy! :D Plus a few more amazing sound bytes from her. What a woman!! The subscription to Aneta's site gives you access to the entire MyBoobs network - 11 big boob sites. 

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