Apr 2, 2012

Sophie Mei Says: Ich Liebe Meine Titten!!

Yes, she really says that. Twice actually. For those who don't understand German it means: I love my tits !! But that's the only German in this "intro" clip. Sophie tells in English her details, and because they've edited the various takes together for the final clip, we're seeing these variations of her appeal. I love that! Thus we get the Ich Liebe Meine Titten!! twice. This 1st screen shot shows how she looks when saying it the first time, my final still below her 2nd take :) What does she say? - She is 167 cm (5'5") short, weighs 65 kg (143 lbs), and that she has "number H" boobs. It's mind-blowing to have Sophie that closely and detailed in front of the camera, with these little, very spontaneous changes. She's bigger than i had her in mind. Her boobs in particular look huge! Sophie speaks in a sweet, reflected voice, while the range of her expressions keeps being too fascinating.

I'm still wondering about Sophie Mei's modeling status. Has she retired, and this is content been shot a while go? Or is she exclusively shooting nowadays for the people running Lipstick111? Whose sites policy is a bit confusing as well. SophieMei.es and SophieMeiBestBreast.com are different sites showing identical previews. But the sign-up process of SophieMeiBestBreast directs you to the English language SophieMei.es site. Lipstick111.com OTOH, mainly featuring Shione Cooper, redirects you for the previews to ShioneCooper.es. The sign-up process leads you back to Lipstick111.com. I wouldn't call that ideal. But the content is totally original, amazing and well done. It's a lot of content, on both sites, with frequent updates. All updates are listed on the index pages. So, if you're a fan of Sophie Mei or Shione Cooper, and love to see the total glory of their expressive-sexy talents, you can't ignore these sites. I would trust them. But to make sure, i'll join one of them soon and report back. A few more screen shots from Ich Liebe Meine Titten!! - released on Sophie Mei.es:


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