Apr 20, 2012

Tessa & Kelly - Rich Sisters' Sexy Bed Conference

Tessa Fowler? Tessa Rich? Or just Tessa? And is she really the sister of Kelly Rich? I saw another blogger wondering if Cosmid, the site who is presenting Tessa & Kelly, has made that up. I doubt it. Cosmid's reputation would suffer from such a lie, it's not worth it playing such games. I don't worry about such boring facts anyway. Tessa and Kelly look like perfect sisters to me ;) After solo releases in the last week Cosmid issued the video Team Rich On The Bunks now - Tessa And Kelly having a girlie bed summit together. With some sweet, teasing talk, a lot of giggles and smiles. And of course they show us their delicious big boobs, in a whole variety of views. This is one very charming and sexy encounter! Team Rich On The Bunks makes Tessa's 8th update, and the 4th for Kelly. A couple more screen captures:


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