Apr 23, 2012

Leanne Crow: Shower! She Is Killing Us With This One

Do you know that? You're checking the first images of a new release, and right from the start, although not much is revealed yet, you got the feeling that this one is something special. So it just happened with Leanne's Unique Shower, DDFBusty's new update with Leanne Crow. Yes, a shower set, but at the beginning we see Leanne slowly undressing in front of the bath room mirror. The instant thrill is due to the camera work that is rather unobtrusive, almost voyeuristic, providing the intimate observations of Leanne's super curves. While she adds to the charm with her totally relaxed vibe. Totally enticing. BTW, if you're not already following her Twitter, i recommend you to do that. You will like her even more then.

Did somebody ever mention that she has a super sexy bubble butt? We can see that too… Yes, i know. Leanne Crow is one of the models with the hottest curves, and to really knock us down she has her crazy big 34J boobs. So, as she advances to the shower, the camera gets closer, and we lose no detail when Leanne jiggles her boobs, massages, soaps and washes them. Tits on glass pressing included. The actual shower part comes as the breath taking celebration of her sexy body with these tremendous big boobs constantly jiggling and sliding right in front of our faces. What a babe! Leanne's Unique Shower makes Leanne Crow's 16th update for DDFBusty (image sets and videos count as one update) - while the entire DDFNetwork would give you 3 more updates. The downloadable video comes in various formats, including True HD. Samples from the preview gallery:

And a bunch of screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips:


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