Apr 6, 2012

Valory Irene - Knocking Us Out With Her Azure Blue Dress Again

Back in February we saw the video with Valory Irene wearing this azure blue cocktail dress in Croatia. And she blew me away. Now the matching image set is released on Nadine-J. In the video she posed like the busty girl of our dream on the veranda. The photo set continues where the video had ended, and Valory shows us what a sexy and adorable girl she is. But soon she starts working quite intensely on her precious big boobs all of a sudden… Concluding from the changing light, sun set starts - very shiny views of Valory in that illumination ! - and she moves into her apartment. Where she continues to totally intrigue us... 

I said before that this particular dress makes Valory look extra wonderful. Also i notice again how she tends to show a nice and friendly look at the beginnings, which also seems to be a bit distanced. But out of nowhere she completely changes - she looks right into our eyes and shows a such glow all of a sudden, making me think: Oh boy, what happened now?? She has an amazing way here to make us quite speechless…  The whole Valory Blue set of 58 super quality shots with sexy busty Valory Irene is ready to knock you out on Nadine-J.

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