Apr 9, 2012

Shione Cooper And Laura Orsolya: Would You Call That BAKING ? (And A Comment On Shione)

Laura Orsolya and Shione Cooper are something like 2 model generations apart. Without implying here that the average life span of a popular model would be around 5 years, but rather that an exchange of the vast majority of the models happens within such a time. Laura Orsolya, as a rare exeption, especially out of the models who do hardcore, is still around, after starting her career around 1997. That's 15 years! Okay, she took her breaks, thus escaping over-exposure to some extent, but people always kept talking about her. Very impressive! She turns sweet 35 tomorrow (April 10th) BTW. Happy birthday, Laura!! Shione Cooper is 24 now and came to the scene at the beginning 2009 - just 3 years ago, yet within such a span we've seen models rise like comets, decline and disappear. 
By sheer coincidence, Reese asked on his MyBoobSite blog about the thoughts on engaging in a long-term relationship with a porn star, and his featured example is Shione Cooper. I have written more about Shione than any other model, so i posted a reply there, with some (probably) unconventional thoughts. Might be an interesting read, thus i share it here, as a comment below.

DDFBusty got Laura Orsolya and Shione Cooper together for Smash Of The Titans, rising Laura's update count to 45 (56 on the entire DDFNetwork), and Shione's count to 18 (25 on the DDFNetwork) - each update comes with a full length downloadable video and an image set. Would you expect Laura & Shione getting together, just baking a cake the proper way and eating it later - so that this would look HOT? Actually i could, but it would require well chosen outfits and 'erotic' camera work. Laura and Shione totally have the sexiness and the subtlety to do that. DDFBusty however - turning my title question into a theoretical one - decided to give us some serious spectacle. Good as well, of course! At the beginning Shione indeed looks 'innocently' committed with making a pastry. Laura joins, but instantly has more interest in Shione's 34F boobs and grabs them. Shione gets the idea that all these cake ingredients are useful on Laura's 38F boobs, and a big mess starts….  leading to some very sensual, exciting to watch boob and pussy playing, involving the pastry tools. So there is more about Smash Of The Titans than just the messy part. Shione and Laura, the surprise team, develop some intensive interrelations...  Starting with samples from the preview gallery

The final 5 images are screen shots from the Flash trailers and WMV sample clips       


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  1. As i said above, Reese asked on his MyBoobSite blog about his readers' thoughts on engaging in a long-term relationship with a porn star, and his featured example is Shione Cooper. Quite a bunch of thoughts showed up in my head then. Because that reply might be interesting for a few of you, i share it here as well. The link to the OP: http://www.myboobsite.com/blog/tits-something-to-think-about-ii-shione-cooper-is-a-sexy-fucker/

    I would think that the question of dating a porn star has more twists than it might appear on first sight, and Shione Cooper comes as an even trickier case.

    You could base your decision on your observations and assumptions considering the real girl behind the model: how you expect her to "be" in reality, with the perspective that you will not only have sex with her the whole time. When you're a good observer, your guesses could be quite valid, despite the fabricated nature of what she shows on camera. Shione is particularly interesting in that respect because, after looking at her entire career, she has probably shown more different facets and not exactly to expect qualities than any other model. But combining these manifold hints into one integrated image looks particularly tricky with Shione. From super nice, real , caring and thoroughly fascinating because of her various talents and interests, to stressing, being a constant pain and totally selfish she can be anything - in the end, besides her beauty and intriguing sexiness. You gotta meet her in person to learn.

    Or you base your decision on just the fantasy that her releases are selling. Sounds like the easier way, first - in that perspective Shione looks like a well endowed fuck bunny, very willing, but with an 'exotic' character due to her other 'flavors' that she usually completely hides, at will however would unleash. You might find that extra side of her very interesting, or unpredictable, eventually even a bit scary.

    If you keep looking though, then - now staying with Shione Cooper - i'd expect these 2 perspectives to overlap. When you watch more HC scenes, you might feel, apart from being willing and showing a little 'effect' when getting pounded, that she has in all scenes the exact same predictable look: her empty smile and the ever horny plastic puppet look. She JUST slips through these scenes, 'with her eyes closed". It's obvious - here begins the overlap - that the absolutely only thing she cares for here is the check that she will get later. Eventually you start to wonder if her obvious lack of dignity and commitment for herself might show up with the real person as well. Troubled sex life and troubled days in general ahead!

    In sharp contrast to that, in a lot of her solo work Shione Cooper has been almost bursting with her enthusiasm and commitment. She looked so intriguingly real - it was amazing. For that reason she has 2 almost entirely different groups of fans. Who follow either one or the other type of her content. One (but obviously not the only) reason that i've stopped blogging about her HC releases - interest was low, while my posts about her solo & g/g work are amazingly popular till today. Dating-wise, you could build your fantasies on her solo girl appeal. And dream of her as the most gorgeous and uplifting girl you can ever meet. While ignoring her other modeling work as her bread n butter job.

    But, due to typical changes in demand (plus other reasons) i'll expect Shione to exceedingly move to the "darker" side soon (much harder & more extreme niche content) - still hoping though i'll be proven wrong with that - thus i'll expect her career to decline drastically, at least when keeping her radiant appeal in mind. Wonder how her head would or will deal with that. I'd guess that period would not be the best situation to date her.

    But either way, this coin has more than 2 sides.


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