Apr 24, 2012

Jessie Minx: Soul, Turbo Big Butt And Delicious Big Boobs

What? My last post about Jessie Minx has been last December? How could that happen? - Well, definitely not because Jessie would have been inactive. The contrary is true - Jessie is one of the busiest girls on my radars, although mainly webcam related, and with the sites she is selling her content through. While it is hard catching preview content that would fit on my blog. For learning about Jessie's really relevant news, her blog is your first stop. Super busy are her Tumblr and her Twitter, with Jessie answering questions, posting images or just telling what's happening in her life. I have to say i'm in love already when she talks: she is always brief and to the point, without trying to please everybody, but with a most gorgeous enthusiasm coming across. Such an awesome girl!

Her recent updates for Cosmid had been a bit more 'special interest'. But now Dancing & Oil, her 10th Cosmid release is out, and it is killer! Jessie Minx plays a soul tune, dancing to it, dressed, with stockings and suspenders, but no panties! Naughty girl! Then she shows us her butt. Look at that! What a hell of a frigid' sexy big butt!! After stripping further down, we're getting perfect views of Jessie's  boobies. After asking her, Jessie told me they're 38DD (got that wrong before). And these are some of the most delicious looking, mouth-watering boobs. They're getting an intensive creaming and massaging, while we can see Jessie's face as well. It is one you instantly would recognize out of a million different faces, while watching it can get addictive too. Jessie Minx is a stupendous girl. The whole downloadable HD video is out at Cosmid since the weekend. More screen shots:


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