Apr 16, 2012

Karina Heart/Hart (Kay Loove) - Big Boobs And Personality

DDFBusty have, as it looks to me, updated with a so far unreleased image set and video with Karina Heart aka Karina Hart. In their intro notes they tell something that you don't read that often on such a site: "It’s not just the amount of breastworks a lady brings in front of the lens, but the amount of personality she also shows." Remember that we're talking about Karina Hart here, a girl who has 34HH boobs! And who obviously doesn't need secondary qualities for getting noticed big time in the big boobs scene. As surprising as this statement comes, it is so true. Karina hit the scene like a quickly rising comet, all of a sudden she was all over the place, with people not getting enough of her. It was her boobs that stirred the initial attraction. But it was her addictive vibes that made her look like a super gorgeous, real girl, her personality that made people click and stay with her. For a while there wasn't such a thing like too many Karina Hart updates. So she shot an x-amount with the ScoreGroup who even launched a site exclusively dedicated to her.

Nowadays she is very quiet. After her relations with Score had ended, Karina worked with DDFBusty, changing her name to Karina Heart. Score apparently has copyrighted her original name and doesn't allow to use it freely for work with other companies. Then she teamed up with PinupFiles, switching to the name Kay Loove, and with a drastically changed look. Her hair had turned much brighter and curly, giving her rather a too dolled up look, in particular after the application of tons of makeup. Her photos and videos were totally dominated by her boobs now, while her other qualities moved to the background. After an initial peak of interest, and not few people complaining about her new appeal, attention quickly dropped. After only a few updates things have become quiet for Kay aka Karina. It seems that the combination of the new (not very distinctive or easy to remember) name plus the PinupFiles treatment, resulting in the loss of her radiant personality, didn't work particularly well. On her Facebook she asked if she should go back to her straight brunette hairstyle. The overwhelming response was yes. Not really a surprise. 

DDFBusty released last week Seduced By The Earth Mother, Karina Heart's 12th update - 115 images and a 25 min downloadable HD video. Dressed only with this tight white shirt which has have been invented to leave no doubt right from the start about how big and wonderful her boobs are. And to get wet. So she jumps into this fountain, looking like Nature's most enticing goddess. After the refreshment she plays a bit… And it's that combination again! Karina's fabulous big boobs and her charming but also rooted personality get us under her spell again. Totally. Obviously shot over 2 years ago, this update from the archives brings back the full glorious Karina excitement. Samples from the preview gallery:

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