Mar 3, 2012

Shione Cooper: Uber-Innocent And Decent Darling With Braids At Cosmid. Plus A Few Thoughts

Calling Shione Cooper uber-innocent of course might sound like a stretch, after almost any of her recent releases have been hardcore. Which surely is a pity as those are just sex scenes that happen to have Shione's body in there and, to some random extent, her face - in a way that this could be any other model without much difference. These show very little of the stellar and unique presence, vibe and expression that she can create as a solo model. Maybe the sites in the business for such type of content are considering her as burned now, after all these hardcore releases? That would mean the end of her career as the exceptionally exciting, iconic model that she has been. And i wonder if, after being downgraded to a strictly hardcore and fetish model, Shione Cooper's career in general would have much future either. However, if i were producer, i would hire Shione for tons of solo work. Then i would have her quite exclusively for that ;) 

So Shione Cooper just returned with Getting A Workout, a new video update, to Cosmid. And she looks indeed like a darling who just got her first flipcam for her birthday. Actually, she looks like a well behaving girl who just made her homework double accurate, and is looking now for hopefully getting a lot of praise. This look is rather … surprising. I mean i wouldn't have suggested to Shione to come across as extra naughty here - she has these extremely different facets like probably no other model. So i buy it that she can be as well a straight sweet darling. Still this looks a bit like the other extreme, by getting rid of and escaping those 'darker personal' facets, the eternal spiritual punk in the mind of a super cute girl, that she showed in such a fascinating, thrilling and convincing way in her 'classical' releases. The impression she makes here probably looks a bit 'far stretched', increased by her occasionally a bit hasty performance.

These details aside, Shione looks super alluring with these braids. And seeing her fully nude, with her gorgeous 34F boobs on delicious display, upfront on our screens, without any interception, just looks too sweet. Getting A Workout, Shione Coopers 12th release for Cosmid, runs over 9 mins, is downloadable and surely comes as a rare and must see delight. Screen shots:



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