Apr 15, 2012

Dominican Poison (Issy) - Hotter Than Your Dream Girl

Imagine you arrive at the pool - assuming you that you have booked it just for you alone - and notice Dominican Poison (Issy) there. Would you ask her what she is doing there? Probably not, as you might get the idea that it takes something better. So maybe: Ah, so we're starting with my first swimming course now? - pretending that you can't swim? Maybe too hilarious… Dominican Poison can make you speechless. The skimpy something that she's wearing gives a blazing impression of her super hot thick legs and butt. And if your jaw hasn't already dropped, it certainly will when Issy decides that her stupendous 42G boobs need some fresh air. Is it a dream? Issy actually has the looks of a very real girl as well. She smiles, looks 'regular' or even dreamy herself. What probably makes her even hotter… Pink At The Pool is the latest Dominican Poison update at Nadine-J, another epic addition to roughly a dozen previous releases there so far.


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