Mar 22, 2012

Tessa: Taking Teh Interwebs By Storm - New Vid And Pix

Yes, Tessa. You're ON. Your cam is recording! ... Haha, this girl can show the cutest faces. She can also turn the dorky look into something else - at least since Nadine Jansen we know how sexy that can be. But Tessa (Rich) doesn't need any comparisons with other models, Tessa is Tessa. And when you check my other screen shots of Introducing Tessa, Tessa's first video which appeared on the Cosmid site, you don't ask any more questions why she is the latest craze on the interwebs. Tessa has these mouthwatering big boobs, plus she can thrill us with a show that looks so personal, bubbly and enthusiastic, with leaving just one wish: Hopefully there will be many more of such videos. AND Tessa is such a beauty! Cosmid of course realized what a treasure gem they have with her, that's why they quickly released Perfect In Bed yesterday, Tessa's second image set coming with 116 photos. A sample shot comes after the screen captures.


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