Mar 20, 2012

Shyla Shy - Clothes Are Too Tight For Her Big Butt And Boobs

Of course there never will be such a thing like too tight clothes, when it is time to dress to kill. Shyla Shy always has the potential to come as the ultimate powerhouse of revolting curves, with her infamously lethal butt and her no less scorching 36F boobs. Scoreland features Shyla now in a just released image set to strictly do that: to blow us away at first sight with her uber-curviness. In The Quiet One she shows up in these extra tight stretch jeans and this no less defensive pink-striped top. These 75 images are probably the ultimate exposure of Shyla Shy, as the curves bomb!! As well i'm in love again with her laid back allure - she just seems to thoroughly enjoy how her powerful soft-qualities are working for her, and on us. Which should be my only reference to her name today, and the title of the release :D Samples from The Quiet One


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