Mar 30, 2012

Duana From - We're Getting Closer To Her Goodies!

Duana, the latest discovery from, has attracted a lot of attention already with her first releases - 2 photo sets and 1 video. She kept fully dressed, but her tight outfits left absolutely no doubt about the spectacular treasures she has underneath. Even more so the cleavage views. Oh boy… Now Take-Off is out, a relatively short video. Maybe they just cut at the end, to save the big show off for the next part. Instantly noticeable is her changed vibe. Not only because of her winning smile, as well she is amazingly relaxed, outgoing and flirty. Like being fueled by the anticipation: Guys, soon i'll blow you off your chairs! It's definitely a sweet start to see her wonderful big boobs and nipples shaping so nicely under her tight dress. As it becomes clearer and clearer what a one of a kind sexy body she has. In this video she just starts to take her clothes off, and we're getting closer details of her wonder boobs, as you can see in my screen shots. So we're almost there, hopefully. While these stills can give you only a vague idea - seeing Duana in motion on the downloadable True HD clip from moves the excitement to another dimension.



1 comment:

  1. When I first saw Duana She was already Abbi and I was stroking it hard cleaning out My pipes looking at Her magnificent tits including those down and out end caps of Her's! And yes I agree that She always seems to love showing off her Treasure Chest as much as I enjoy Jacking off looking at Her!!


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