Mar 5, 2012

Aneta Buena - Redecoration Time

Aneta Buena is always good for a surprise. She has these stellar 34H boobs, a butt, so spectacular, even if with that alone she could have made a career, and she looks like one of most inherently proud and confident women on this scene. She seems to chose her outfits carefully, so Aneta could be perceived as a lady who has a definite idea of how she wants to look like. But the lady also can get quite silly at times, in the sexiest way. But would Aneta get dirty? I mean working with her hands, risking the perfection of her looks? Well, almost. She still does it in style, the lipstick looks good.

Aneta Renovating Her Room is out for a while on her official site (access is included with the membership of the MyBoobs network). Forgot to post it initially because the previews at least don't show much skin. But her different look is just too gorgeous to omit. While her blazing curves simply aren't ignorable in any outfit. Quite possibly she will show more skin in the continuation of the set. And there's also a matching video. Finally, if you prefer the unrenovated Aneta Buena, her preview page lists tons of updates.


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