Mar 27, 2012

Leanne Crow - Plethora Of Fruits. And The Uber-Fruit

This is a slightly different one. And i can't resist its charm. Again. It's Leanne Crow in a photo set and video update called Leanne Peels It Off. It has the All Fruits Ripe theme all over: Leanne with plenty of real fruits (of course she plays with them), the walls are decorated with fruits images, and Leanne got her own personal flavor of fruits, such a plethora of them so that her super tight, shiny red top can barely contain them (and of course she plays with them too). Score thankfully went with a darker than usual lighting here, bringing the sparkling interplay of all these colors to better effect. And right in their bubbles Leanne as the juicy uber-fruit, looking so incredibly busty here - it's a pleasure to see - while she seems to be bursting with her hotness at the same time. This is epic. The photo set of Leanne Peels It Off is live on the Scoreland site, Leanne's 7th pictorial there. Samples from the preview gallery:


Leanne's spontaneity and her sense for fun are a blessing. And naturally come to best effect in the video, available on Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. Screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV samples clips:



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