Mar 12, 2012

Shione Cooper & Sophie Mei Dancing - Hottest Overload

After a dramatic increase of releases featuring her with hardcore or harder fetish (i've seen 11 new ones since January 2012), it comes as a rare delight to see Shione Cooper in a scene where she doesn't come in a down-graded, very staged looking and mono-dimensional fashion, but rather with the plethora of her not with simple words to describe (and contrasting) shades and moods, while her gorgeous super hot body is continuously on full display. And she doesn't come alone. Her partner again is the one and only Sophie Mei, maybe the only model who can match Shione's extra quality in such a setting. Sophie has equally epic curves and big boobs, and, although she might count as the easier to describe girl compared to Shione's emotional and ambiguous flair, has an unstoppable bubbly and bouncy vibe to heat up the place. Yet Sophie can be very enigmatic too, adding to her fascination. I think Shione and Sophie can only be compared, without stating who is the hotter of the two. Together they make a tremendous duo.

Double Clip is another dancing scene with Shione & Sophie this time on, the (English language) site run by Lipstick111, focusing on Sophie. Yes, they've shot plenty of those. And although my first idea was like Hmmm, really another one? - actually seeing it psyched me again. The music is particularly nice, a tight Balkan style instrumental. Shione and Sophie are incredible dancers, they 'ride' on the music, shaking their boobs and moving their bodies energetically and smoothly at the same time. Their musical ride has a serious and cheerful vibe on top of it, in other words they take us from all angles, overloading us with their hotness through through every channel. If i had the time, i could watch this stuff the whole day. Easily.  

This video is composed out of various takes, so Sophie & Shione appear in various outfits. A bit unusual, but it works very well. This is also one of the few cases that a release with Shione that doesn't appear (so far) on the Lipstick111 site which has tons of her stuff, and seemed so far focusing on her, alongside Westy, Katerina Hartlova and Anitka Stone. The site OTOH has tons of content with Sophie plus other models. And it's apparently the only place left that keeps steadily issuing unpublished content with her. Random screen shots - actually i just stopped the video and clicked, any moment of it looks magnificent:




  1. .es WTF? That's the Spain domain!!! lol

  2. and its sister sites are run by people from Spain, as i understand things. I spoke with one of them a while ago, and he at least told me that he is from Spain.


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