Mar 6, 2012

Ewa Sonnet: No Panties! Yes, She Strips Entirely Down!

Wow! For today i had planned to cover more of Ewa Sonnet's recent Caribbean Busty Island releases, in particular the video. But the latest news on calls for a different schedule. Two new videos have been added to, called No Panties 1 and No Panties 2. Yes, the boobie queen does a serious tease and strip show, with taking her clothes entirely off! I don't have her entire work (boy, this is a lot!) loaded into my memory, but i would say this is the most upfront thing she ever did! The videos comes in TrueHD resolution, 1920x1080p (MP4 and MPEG-2 formats) - maximum size and resolution to ogle Ewa, the busty dream girl, and her 36F boobs perfectly. 

As i said, this release comes in 2 parts. On the first (and shorter) one Ewa mainly teases and gets half undressed. One the second one all clothes go off, and we see Ewa Sonnet as nature created her. I like the sequence best where she poses on the floor, thus a good deal of my screenshots (all from the 2nd clip) focuses on that part.  Both clips together run over 11 mins, and you can check and download them as a member of



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