Mar 31, 2012

Jaime (Melissa Manning) - Nature's Wonders

Melissa Manning aka Jaime (her name at Cosmid) can be seen the most unbelievable babe currently. I know that quite a bunch of geezers do so. Naturally endowed with these glorious 34G titties - this view alone could raise a man from the dead - she shines like a new planet called Hottest Gorgeousness with her totally peculiar look. And in case we're not "there" already, she massages us with that S-M-I-L-E !!! People refer to Jaime as being cute and a super darling - surely true, as she doesn't come across as ever horny, dirty and willing. But she doesn't look shy either. Nor even one bit insecure, i wouldn't mess with her. Melissa aka Jaime has this confident and unmistakably personal touch of just naturally being herself, and that's what makes her so convincing and tremendously sexy.  

Jaime being naturally so wonderful, so what about seeing her at nature's main stage, in the wildlife? That's a first, thus Cosmid obviously thought it was about time and released the Up Boob Creek video. Jaime takes a walk to a creek. Apparently she got a little heated up, so she takes her luscious big boobs out and drips some fresh water on them. A bird is chirping, the wildlife scenery lovely, and seeing Jaime bubbling with sexiness right in there does it totally. Natural epicness! It comes as good news here that Cosmid have recently upgraded their video section, to much more detailed 720p .mp4 clips, all downloadable.

Cosmid of course knows what an attraction Jaime is. So, coinciding with my entry, they didn't wait long with the next update. Friends On The Bed makes release #12 for Cosmid, and it's another first: Jaime with another girl! And that is her friend Sue Conner, who has started to become a Cosmid model as well. A sample right below more screen shots of Up Boob Creek:


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