Mar 18, 2012

Nadine Jansen - Your Slutty Passenger

There are no 2 arguments: This new update from Nadine Jansen on her site is special. Absolutely special! Yes, it's titled Have Love, Will Travel. So you wonder: Is it really …? Is it really meant that way? - Of course it is! Nadine's outfit sends a rather clear statement. Then… her look should dispel any remaining doubts. Unbelievable! When discovering this new release, for a second or two my jaw indeed dropped with disbelief. However: Nadine Jansen always may have come across as a well behaving girl, but she never seemed to be shy or reserved in any way. And always did what she did, without any restraint. So for today she comes as our slutty passenger, and it's mind-blowing and super hot at the same time, how totally convincing and radiant she is at that. It totally speaks for Nadine Jansen that she still can surprise us so thoroughly. You find the full set on her site.



  1. I’m not sure but I think there is a subliminal message behind this set of Nadine. I feel Nadine is a big tease in this. A lot of cleavage right from the start of the set and just the overcoat and boots. I was expecting Nadine to be fully nude before long. Ok since the pregnancy Nadine getting fully nude has been few and far between. Yes I’m a tit man but we all want to see our models naked! Don’t we? Nadine teases and teases. Just when you think you get to see her naked, she reviles her black knickers. I love the shots from behind with just her knickers on. Has to be one of my fav sets ever and Nadine looks fantastic.

  2. All I an really say is Areolas, Nadine's Areolas, Nadines Beautiful Areolas, Nadine's Sexy Areolas, Nadine's Glorious Areolas, Nadine International Areola super star! I simply love Nadine and Her Incredible Areolas!! Areolas Areolas Areolas Areolas Nadine's Areolas And all Her friends like Mia and Emily's Huge Areolas!!!


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