Mar 9, 2012

June Kelly: Oh Mama Mia, Is She Opulent And Hot!!

Not my language usually, but always when i see June Kelly i'm ready to say Oh Mamma Mia!!. Isn't she the ultimate BBW with mega boobs? If a sculptor wanted to create a statue showing a woman with THE opulent and sexy figure, i could easily see him to choose June Kelly as his model. She is certainly a legend by now, after appearing in countless releases for something like 7 years. With being most famous for her, depending on the source, 40E - 42HH boobs (HH looks closer to the truth actually). Another trademark is her extremely easy-going nature - like whatever may happen, she always will keep her kool.

After 1 solo and 3 hardcore scenes for PlumperPass, she returns to the site again with her 2nd solo scene called All By Her Chubby Self. An exclusive PlumperPass release, like the other ones, thus not to be seen anywhere else. Somehow i wish again producers would put a few more original efforts into her outfit and hairstyle - but of course without totally 'remodeling' her, as the natural MILF look works great for her. But soon such style considerations become pointless, when June rules the scene with her overwhelming curviness. And it's time again to say Oh Mama Mia!!


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