Aug 4, 2013

Lisa Canon - Has The Magical Talents And Tools To Fix ALOT!

Lisa Canon is a while around now, since late 2010 actually. And she's remained a bit of a mystery, at least for me. Just because of her really amazing range of impressions that she has made (besides her changing hair styles and colors, or types of content that she has done), with always looking very genuine. Just check her Girl Next Door and her fishnets set. Quite recently i discovered that Lisa Canon has become (more) active on Twitter. And wow! She really sounds that genuine and unaffected like she looks on a lot of her work. So i learned that she loves cooking, with having that adventurous spirit to always try new things that she never has cooked before (like me, and i don't know many people with such a spirit). When somebody asked her for a particular recipe, she didn't share it: it's a secret recipe :) Such a bad girl! Haha! No, she sounds like a real sweetie. And i wouldn't share my well kept secrets either.

So, after a bunch of releases recently at PlumperPass and Score's XLGirls with less focus on her radiant qualities, she is back at XLGirls with Tool Time Girl. A solo set - 80 images - with the full, uninterrupted focus on her majestically soft, but also tight looking BBW body. And these tremendous big full boobs. Of these spectacular soft marvels alone i can't get enough views! While she looks so sweet, radiant and also industrious, so overflowing with talents, i think i would entrust every gear of my household to her for fixing it.


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