Aug 29, 2013

Miosotis - Extravagant Lady With Very Extraordinary Boobs

Things keep being exciting at The-Real-Miosotis, the official and personal site of the girl with those 36R cups, the slim girl with the largest breasts in the world. I've blogged about her getting Kristina Milan to her site as well, and that isn't supposed to be Kristina's only appearance. Since then she posted a couple of more personal updates (vids and pics) to her quite substantial diary section, the huge Bed n Boobfest set and, during this month, another huge set (in 4 parts) called Hoe Lay. Miosotis shows up at a very red place, wearing a corset and satin skirt. She looks quite a very kool extravagant lady - she even smokes a cigarillo - these shots have a very peculiar style and flair. Things are getting more extraordinary when she takes the corset off, unleashing these super miracles of huge breasts. The-Real-Miosotis has released these 180 images in a huge resolution (2000x3008 px) - quite appropriate for a larger than life lady like her. Yet, if you prefer, there's a less heavy resolution available as well.  


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