Aug 9, 2013

Joana (Joanna Bliss) - Glowing With Sensuality In The Undressing Room

Why do you love this girl? That's always an interesting question. Common answers are: Because she has the best (biggest, prettiest) … (boobs, butt, body, face etc). Or: Because she is such a … (impressions of her performances, sexuality, personality etc). About Joanna Bliss you can surely say that she is very pretty. And that she has awesome big boobs. But there is something else about her, something very typical that makes her instantly recognizable and shine out, even if you put her into a group of, let's say, 20 other popular models. That typical thing about Joanna is not easy to describe… But i think it's a very intensive sensual glow coming from her, together with a natural grace, although she's far from being shy. Both impressions together make her appear as naturally very confident as well as glowing with sensuality. She must be an overwhelming experience.  

Vaguely i had always such an idea in mind. But the latest release at Score with Joana (as they call her) finally inspired me to put it into words. Joana in the models' dressing room, wearing a corset and black skirt, gets turned on by herself, takes her clothes off and starts playing with these big boobs, and her curvy sensitive body all over. And she GLOWS! The Undressing Room has just been released, as her 4th pictorial and 4th video since her return to Score last year, an incredible looking follow-up to Romanian Idol. The photo set is out at Scoreland, the video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. More samples:

Screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips


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