Mar 4, 2013

Jenny + Kristina Milan - The Ultimate 'Huge Boobs At The Beach And In Your Garden' Video

Okay, not in your garden. Also not mine. Such spectacular views can get my mind a little funky :D These screen shots are from Dynamic Duo, the latest video from XX-Cel. It is listed as the 3rd video with Dominican Republic model Jenny who, if i have not missed something, has only been captured by Cel's lenses so far. Jenny is an amazing curvy and hot girl. And quite a sexy doll, as we could see in this solo set. As well with her 34G boobs the perfect company for this other girl who of course is Kristina Milan! We see Jenny and Kristina walking to the beach, goofing around there and in the water, girlie-style! And returning to the now world famous garden, continuing their gorgeous encounter. Pretty simply concept, yet we have seen quite a bunch of such videos where the camera work simply wasn't up for that, just capturing rather random, not so arousing views. Cel however has delivered a masterpiece here. It starts with these sexy rear views. And from there - no need to tell more! Just see these dramatic looking screen shots. You find the whole 11:31 downloadable HD video at XX-Cel.


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