Aug 4, 2013

Nadine Jansen: Polka Dot Dress, A 50s Car And Dangerous Curves

Nadine Jansen's latest update on her site is quite unsuspiciously called Orange Polka Dot Dress. Yet, what we're getting is much more than Nadine just showing off her new dress. Which would look exciting as well of course. But today she is wearing her fancy dress … to be taken for a ride? There is this impressive looking 50s car (US readers surely can tell me which model that is), Nadine on the passenger seat at the beginning, and she seems to be suggesting Baby, you can drive my car! But then she fills it up herself, and takes over the driver seat… After delivering a show looking so turbulent and gorgeous as only Nadine Jansen can do it. A super iconic follow-up to her Moving set. You find the whole high quality and downloadable set at her site.


1 comment:

  1. Nadine is looking as beautiful as ever in her summer dress, black hold ups and platform shoes. She has her hair done in 50’s style to match the car. There is something about sexy girls and cars. When you add Nadine you get beautiful and busty too. Nadine looks great sitting in the passenger seat and posing next to the car. She looks so cute sat on the bonnet. Nadine then goes to the front of the car to flash one of her boobs. Soon both are on show. Posing inside sat on and then lying on the front seat. I love the pictures of her looking through the open car door window. She looks very happy as she fills the car up. Not sure if she should be smoking so close the petrol pumps. Although to be honest Nadine is too hot to be that close even without the cigarette. I’d sure I’d look very happy sat next to Nadine taking her for a ride in the car. Sorry drive.


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