Aug 17, 2013

Rockell Starbux - The Girl Who Makes Me Want To Become a Photographer

Score keeps up with their schedule of monthly Rockell updates. Seeing these new photos got me instantly thinking (as i am usually writing my initial thoughts here): Boy, this girl makes me want to be a photographer. Not just for the most profane reason, like seeing her face to face. Rather my idea was that Rockell must be a dream to shoot with. On almost every photo she looks at least slightly different, but always so convincing. While she comes across as such a busty, curvy and totally hot babe. With looking like being serious fun as well. Okay,  i'm aware that photo shooting is real work. But with Rockell you see the results! How Rockell Became A Hooters A Hooters Girl is the follow-up to The Hot Secretary, as her 7th set at Scoreland, alongside a couple of videos. More samples:


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