Jul 27, 2013

Miosotis + Kristina Milan Together!! Oil Rub Of The Big Boob Titans

The Real Miosotis site, the official site of Miosotis, the slim model with the largest breasts in the world (as she calls herself, properly, i would say), is back to regular updates. There are a few new updates already live. But obviously i had to check the one that is big breaking news. Miosotis and Kristina Milan together! Her webmaster, when telling me about it, excused a bit, saying that they met Kristina socially and the decision and execution happened quite spontaneously. I say there is nothing to worry about. Great light and colors, and Miosotis and Kristina have been captured nicely. You may notice some motion blur in my screen shots, but the running video looks just great.

Its beginning and actually about two thirds of the clip show Kristina alone (we see Miosotis just lurking in the background), oiling up and massaging her huge 40JJ boobs. She surely looks bigger than ever. And so charming and pretty! Nice idea actually to have this solo study of Kristina Milan. Miosotis joins later for a mutual oiling and huge boobs communication. Poor Kristina's breasts suddenly look relatively small compared to these super huge 36R ta-tas of Miosotis. But i think Kristina isn't really worried about that. These are tremendous views of overflowing massive boobs, of two girls who look so naturally gorgeous and hot, while enjoying the situation, it is amazing. People, this is an instant super classic! It's been released today, in various resolutions, at the official site of Miosotis.



  1. I think Kristina is pregnant again

  2. We'd love to see Miosotis 9 months pregnant. Those huge tits would be even bigger, with areolas the size of dinner plates. A big swollen belly would be really sexy too.

  3. If I ever won the lottery in a very big way, I would sell everything I own, buy a beautiful 36 ft live aboard motor sailboat. Then, I would head to Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, whereever one of these beauties lived and court them. I would be in heaven if I could just be in there presence but the ultimate would be to be able to impregnate one or both of them. I could be their sugar daddy and just keep them happy. That would make me feel the same. Kristina, when pregnant and after, is a real milker.


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