Jul 20, 2013

Karina Heart/Hart - Wow! What An Incredibly Sexy Darling! Plus Interesting Interview Links

Only 3 weeks ago DDFBusty released a new update implying the exciting news that Karina Hart/Heart has travelled to one of their studios and been captured by their cameras again. And here is already the follow-up. The Word Is Wow comes with 100 pics and a 16 video (including a downloadable TrueHD option). Doesn't she look divine? Like the ultimately sexy darling? Without meaning that in a, figuratively speaking, lightweight way - i mean Karina isn't only all about looking pretty. She just comes across as massively sexy right from the start… And then she unleashes these beautiful huge boobs…

It seems Karina has consolidated her act. About a year ago DDFBusty published a text interview with Karina on their blog. Where she says that she is only doing topless "at the moment", and has no plans to change that. DDFBusty posted as well a 16 min video interview to DailyMotion, where she more or less confirms that. I see the protests already coming. But, c'mon, give this girl a break! This is the way how she enjoys things most. And: Isn't she glowing with sexiness on these new releases? She must be doing something right. This video interview definitely is worth to check too. A bit hard to understand due to the background noise, but listening with headphones will fix that. While she seems to be so deeply relaxed - together with her winning smile, her laughing and her well worded replies   she comes across as a very rare species. Totally gorgeous! The Word Is Wow makes her 20th release for DDFBusty (all coming with a photo set and full length video). More samples:

Screen shots from the video


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