Aug 23, 2013

Kristina Milan: Fantastic Time With A Mag. And Herself!

Kristina Milan's latest video at XX-Cel is something … special. Again. Kristina is flicking through a mag where she sees things like Gothic Terror, The Woman In Black. While she starts to unbutton her shirt and touch her breasts. These views of her massive big boobs gradually getting out are pure gold already. She continues to play with her boobies, eventually getting rid of all her clothes, with getting back to that mag again. Now what is that? Certainly not a straight forward theme like "Bar Tender". But we're getting these epic views of her mega boobies, plus some of the most personal and intimate impressions ever been captured of Kristina. In other words: A fantastic video. Fantastic Needs, running over 13 mins, comes as Kristina Milan's 7th video for XX-Cel, plus the super classical clip with Jenny, together with 8 photo sets so far. Quite a collection at XX-Cel, and serious quality, after there is real imagination involved in these productions.


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