Aug 17, 2013

A Swing. A Smiley. Katerina Hartlova Swaying In The Sun

Things can be so simple. Really simple. Just install a swing - the most basic one you can find, one with a simple board is good enough. Get Katerina Hartlova. And you'll see something that will stick in your mind… DDFBusty must have been thinking along these lines. So, as the follow-up to her girl/girl scene with Joanna Bliss, we got Swinging Sweetheart. Katarina (as they are calling her) looks so pretty, and somehow younger than ever. Seeing her shining in the sun, by or on the swing, her tight curvy body with these big boobies coming to blazing effect, while she naturally starts to play a little with herself eventually, makes me just think: Katarina looks like the hottest dream. And she has this big smiley on her skirt :D At the same time i'm wondering why we're not seeing more swing sets. Aren't swings much more beneficial to a killer exposure than beds, chairs or a stripper pole? Correct? Anyway, this is Katarina's 48th (!) update for DDFBusty (her 55th for the entire network). More samples and screen shots:


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