Aug 29, 2013

Ewa Sonnet: Dressed To Go Out, Undressed To Blow Us Away!

About 2 weeks ago i blogged about Ewa Sonnet and her surprise move to launch a site just dedicated to her. The overall interest was absolutely huge. Here's a few better screen shots now. Ewa is all dressed up and ready to go out. She watches herself in the mirror… testing her look, her teasing skills, and gets a little carried away… She undresses again. Ewa Sonnet has such a charming and sexy way to move in front of the cam. And her boobs look bigger than ever. Even in rear views, with just getting glimpses of them, they make a royally exciting impact. Just stupendous! Going Out, running almost 10 mins and available even in a whopping 1080p format, is one of the new videos released at Ewa's new site. More screen shots:


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