Sep 3, 2013

Kristina Milan At The-Real-Miosotis: This Net Thing Makes Her Boobs Look Huge

Miosotis has, as i told one month ago, introduced Kristina Milan to her official site, and that came as serious giant boobs overload. A couple of days ago, when i featured Mio's amazing red room set, i told that there is more Kristina to come. So here we have Kristina Netted, an exclusive set for The-Real-Miosotis. She is wearing simple shorts, a bra and this net thing over her bra. Pretty simple. AND A BLAZING EFFECT! In this outfit she just looks earth shaking. The set in general is kept rather simple, with Kristina just posing on and around this chair, and that looks perfect. She comes across as sweet and gorgeous, together with her stupendous 40JJ boobs she's a total knock-out. We have seen a lot of Kristina Milan releases over the years, but this one, by showing us purely Kristina, looks totally arousing. And i haven't even seen the full set yet - pictorials at The-Real-Miosotis usually are huge (in resolution and in number of pics), so they split them up to 50 photos packages, released in quick consecutive updates. So i would expect this set to continue... 


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