Sep 12, 2013

Raphaella Lily Wearing All Black And Glowing, At BustyBrits

I think there is hardly a UK producer - at least among those looking for models with big boobs and a curvy shape - who has not Raphaella Lily aka Ellie Roe on his radars. So a lot of content is coming out these days, some through sites i've never heard of before. I said in my last entry that she is the girl who shines out of every crowd: there is a radiation coming from her, a gorgeous sexiness, how we rarely find it these days. Raphaella Lily is THE face and this super curvy body with these wonderful big boobs. BustyBrits have a considerable collection of 24 updates so far - this should be the biggest one actually. In August they released a huge photo set called Jet, split into the 2 updates with 128 photos each. Raphaella Lily wearing all black, and… what do you say? Isn't she glowing with sexiness? The sepia style sample is from the September release called Antique. BustyBrits are really amazing with bringing Raphaella Lily's allure to an incredible, rich liveliness. Real quality!


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