Sep 2, 2013

Micky Bells - Dramatic Looking Watered Treasures In The Garden (Return To Nadine's Site)

Micky appeared at Nadine Jansen's site in 2010 and 2011, for only 3 sets, if i recall that correctly. It comes as a pleasant surprise to see her returning now. Grow Your Own… the photo set, and Something With Cold Water, the matching video, were shot on the hottest day this summer, with temps reaching 38 C (100 F). So Micky requested a set implying cold water. And that happened! Appropriately dressed in this super tight fishnets top, she first took care of the smaller growing goodies with a watering can. And relaxed a little, as we can see in the photo set. Then, documented by the video, she switched to the hose. For sure she used it on herself too. Micky has always been amazing as the girl with the sweet, somehow dreamy look. And these incredible big boobs. The denim shorts and fishnet top makes her look dramatically impressive. In particular when she starts directing the water hose at herself. Swinging dripping stupendous boobies. Jaw dropping time at Nadine's site again! And yes, all power to the simple sets and videos! More screen shots:

These are samples from the photo set 


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