Sep 21, 2013

Score's Super Discovery Jennica Lynn: 34M Boobs In A Kitchen In The Bahamas (Pics & Video)

3 weeks ago Score introduced Jennica Lynn with her modeling debut. And a lot of people got very very excited. Jennica has a very softly rounded voluptuous body, with her incredible big boobs directly popping into our eyes. Their size is 34M!!. And when she looks at us with her open smile, she is just overwhelmingly gorgeous. A couple of more updates went live sine then (for details just check the Model Directories below). The latest arrived only a couple of days ago - again a photo/video update - it is simply called Jennica In The Bahamas. So far we see her just in a kitchen (which could be anywhere), but Score are obviously aware that they find a model like Jennica Lynn only every couple of years, so i'm sure they thought big in terms of shooting content. Jennica shows up in the kitchen, and first directs her focus to a fruity meal. But soon her attention switches to her own homegrown goodies. All fruits shine in a smooth overload of curves and gorgeous hotness. The 81 photos are out at XLGirls, the 17:29 min video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and XLGirls. More samples:

Screen shots from the Flash trailer & the WMV sample clips


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