Sep 5, 2013

Abbi Secraa: Getting Her Huge Boobs Checked - Screen Grabs From Abbi's Site

End of July i blogged about Abbi Secraa and the Hi Res image set from her site called Talks About Breast Reduction. After a couple of other updates she got back to it now. The matching video is about to get released (or rather should be by now), so she posted a bunch of her screen shots last week. I said before that i'm not really worried about her seriously considering surgery. My intuition is telling me that. As well i think she wouldn't prepare such a step in that way - a step that surely would mean the end of her modeling and her site. Not to forget her dark sense of humor. Either way, it's always shocking how incredible Abbi's big big boobs are looking. One of the finest pairs we have ever seen, no? The views in the photo set looked just insane, and these video screen grabs from Abbi's site match that thrill.


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