Sep 24, 2013

Raphaella Lily: Antique (BustyBrits) - Real Girl Classically Hot!

About 10 days ago i posted just one sample from Raphaella Lily's latest set called Antique released at BustyBrits. Not sure why they've chosen that title, but that might be just a lack of education at my end. Maybe because Raphaella Lily shines like such a classical temptation? ;) It's terrific how she fills this room. She has the qualities of a classical pinup model, but thankfully breaks through the sterile limits of that genre. She loads the place with her killer curves and these sweet big boobs. And beyond her glamorous side, she breaks through as an adorable real girl. Just looking gorgeous. While she could pad on our shoulders, saying: Do you want me to play on the piano the nastiest song you ever heard, nude? Antique has been released with over 140 high quality images at BustyBrits this month.


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