Sep 28, 2013

Famous UK Girl Bex Shiner Is On Her Own Site! And Serves You A Beer Or Two

Last month i introduced Bex Shiner as a recent model recruit at the Bra Busters Of Britain site. She is well known in the UK, let's say for being unstoppable. Well, actually for her skills to make it into the national news several times. But i'm blogging about her - obviously - because she has the looks of a sweet heartbreaker. And because she has this sexy curvy body with those delicious looking big boobs. People behind Bra Busters Of Britain have given Bex her own site now, which is quickly filling with updates. I didn't look further than the first gallery in my inbox - this is great stuff! Bex Shiner shows up as a beer maid. And she looks so unstoppable and sexy, you might wonder soon if your confused mind is a result from enjoying the beer too much. Or maybe from getting a bit too excited from ogling Bex Shiner's big titties and her enchanting vibe? More samples:


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