Sep 12, 2013

Nadine Jansen - Heavy Machinery In The Forest

Nadine Jansen and her construction, machines and crafting sets! That part alone of her work could fill boobs… oops, i mean books filled with impressions. Log Off, the latest set at her site, has just been fully released, and it shows Nadine in a forest, at a wood processing site. Nadine has a chain saw, and she can use it. She looks so powerful and sexy, and at the same time so gorgeously girly like only she can do. Such a set for sure gives great opportunities for dramatic impressions and, Daktari, her famous photographer, of course didn't let them pass. Log Off comes as a fabulous continuation of the Nadine And The Machines saga. Another instant and hot classic as the follow-up to the 50s car set from Nadine's site.


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  1. I know I always start by saying something like “one of my favourite sets” let’s face it I just love Nadine and every set of Nadine are fantastic. However, this set taken on a beautiful hot sunny day in Berlin has a very special meaning to me. I was with Nadine a few hours later and she told me about her new photos that she had done that day.

    Nadine as always looks very beautiful. I have no idea how she does it but she always looks sexy. Even when wearing gloves and hard hat. The vest and little denim shorts show her curves off nicely. Not sure if she actually needs the chainsaw to fell a tree! The sight of her is enough to make me fall over.
    Nadine has lost a lot of weight. I have regular discussions with other website members that prefer the tubbier Nadine. Personally I prefer her like this. This is only a personal opinion, but I think the fact that Nadine likes her slimmer look is a reason that she is still modelling now.
    I love the start of the set with her posing with the heavy machinery. Not sure about the socks and steel toecaps, however I know why she wears them. Within no time she is topless with a chainsaw in her hands. Some fine weapons lol. Nadine looks so cute sat on the machinery. Almost like she is taking the chance to top up her tan while on her tea break. I absolutely love the boob sucking pictures sat against the logs. I always love to see Nadine sucking her boobs.

    Log off is fantastic. I’d love to take Nadine’s hand and go into the woods with her. Maybe we could build a log cabin together. Never mind the heavy machinery. Nadine has two heavy looking things I’d like to give her a hand with.


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