Feb 1, 2012

Katarina Harlova: Enticing the Wildlife. And With An Announcement

BustyAndBeauty, Katarina Hartlova's agency, has sent me these images. And i can't resist to post them. These aren't professional shots, but not very often we saw her in such an overwhelmingly sweet, flirty and sexy style. The first 2 samples make me think that these pics were taken some time ago. On the last one - which think is the best - she looks current though. Amazing what a wildlife scenery, sunshine and a spontaneous shoot can do.

The announcement is that Katarina will be available in February for a couple of shoots. There's even the possibility of hardcore work, although up to negotiations. It's quite rare that this option at least has been offered. So if you're a producer and want to shoot content with Katharina, hardcore or softcore, you have to contact BustyAndBeauty


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