Feb 3, 2012

Shione Cooper And Sophie Mei - Stupendous Boob N Belly Dancing

Lipstick111 have shot an amazing amount of dancing clips with Shione Cooper and Sophie Mei, together and solo takes. I cannot recommend strongly enough to check them closely. Shione & Sophie not only have some of the juiciest curvy bodies and are both endowed with stellar big boobs. They also have personality and expression how you rarely find it in the industry. So these videos may look similar from a distant view (some actually just offer alternative angles as Behind The Scenes recordings - very nice as well!), at a closer look though they display a richness of sexy views and both girls' overall gorgeousness like you rarely can see elsewhere.

Silver Navels XIII shows Shione Cooper & Sophie Mei freestyling (if you want so) on some percussive belly dancing music. Since they're boob models, there is a lot of boob shaking as well. They both have an amazing grace in their movements. Sophie seems to be the one who makes more conscious use of moves that she has leaned in courses, to epic effect while Shione looks like the more emotional and naturally expressive one, who sinks herself in the rhythm and moves with its flow. It's fascinating to see how they keep eye contact and tease each other. so that their radiance even increases with the time.

In a couple of years time, when they both have retired, they will probably look back with particular confidence to this release, as it shows in the richest way the interplay of talents and qualities that each of them has, in her own right, and in interaction between them. Simply too gorgeous and sexy to see. For Sophie Mei the departure probably is (almost) reality, after we haven't seen anything else with her besides the recorded series for Lipstick111 in quite a while. While Shione, with the exception of her still ongoing work featured on the sites of Nadine-J and Milena Velba, and the content released by Lipstick111, has been heading at an alarming rate into genres (due to a lack of other offers), where the market will become increasingly steep, making her farewell more and more imminent too. So enjoy the pleasure while it lasts.

At another place somebody criticized Shione & Sophie a bit for their performance, but without bashing them. He ended with the suggestion to study more closely belly dancers from the Arabian world. I wrote a longer reply explaining that this comment expressed a very narrow view of what belly dancing is supposed to be, plus a misconception of what Shione and Sophie have performed here. Because my reply is for 'specialists' only, i've reposted it below, in the comments section.

You can see the complete HD version of Silver Navels XIII, alongside tons of other content and a couple of other busty models, on Lipstick111SophieMeiBestBreast or Sophie Mei.es, the latter two sites are run by Lipstick111 and mainly dedicated to Sophie. A bunch of screen caps:







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  1. There are VERY different belly dancing traditions, f. ex. on the Balkans. Quite recently i saw a clip with Bulgarian girls peforming (they were great). Somebody else though complained (in English) saying: "WTF. This is not belly dancing. They are doing way too much with their feet" A Bulgarian replied: "Listen. Bulgaria has its own belly dancing tradition for something like 600 years now. What these girls are doing is the Bulgarian way. Do you think they should change, just because you are only familiar with the Arabian style?"

    Also, with the explosion of Kuchek music recently, mainly in Bulgaria, a lot of freestyling has emerged. Which is exciting as well. A Bulgarian dancing group performing to a Kuchek mix by DJ Coco Beat: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SWzghv46H0

    Of course it's fine to prefer one style over the others. But it's not okay to declare one particular style as the *gold standard*, making the other ones look *inferior*. I'm not saying that this has explicitly been done - it's okay to show Moroccon dancers as an inspiration (of course they are). But people shouldn't get the idea that there's is the only way to belly dance (hence my reply).

    Shione Cooper & Sophie Mei are not belly dancers primarily, they are big boob models. But they have some experience, and they both are talented. They are doing their way of *freestyling* here. And i think it looks TREMENDOUS! I prefer it totally over girls taking belly dancing classes and learning step by step what the *pros* are doing. Those girls usually only perform generic routines and hardly will ever develop a personal flavor. Shione & Sophie, in contrast to that, do show real personality and expression. Thus i really prefer them - not just because i love their boobs (they are a delight of course!), for me this is *serious* dancing as well, and far better than girls doing acquired generic routines.


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