Feb 9, 2012

Karlee Adams - So Far Unreleased Set??

Some people might see that as an exaggeration, but her fans certainly will agree: Karlee Adams is a legend! Only two videos have been released - a solo scene and a hardcore scene. While i'd rate the solo scene even better because of the decent camera work, giving Karlee undivided attention. Then there had been 3 photo sets so far (if i haven't missed something), plus releases of her 2 scenes on DVDs in various packages. Karlee Adams is absolutely unique. Each time her name drops, a lot of people are getting agitated.

And this should happen again now. Score's XLGirls site has released Nebraska Nobs, an image set i can't remember having seen before. Very likely it's a set that was shot back then, together with the other so far known content. Man, a lot of people would get wet dreams only by the thought of Karlee showing off her grandeur of curviness in a whole string of new content! But at least we got this set now - Karlee with her 42DDD boobs, her majestic big butt, her one of kind big pot belly and her tanned softness. Karlee is the epitome of super-roundedness. Samples from the preview gallery:



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