Jan 31, 2012

Leanne Crow: Super Shot In Black, With Attitude And SO Sexy

Leanne Crow is unstoppable. And when you thought that she can't get more popular, she wins even those over who had been hesitating so far. If you ask, people will tell of course that they love Leanne because of her 34J boobs. But i think that's only half the story. Of course you can just say that Leanne is an outstanding model as well. Sure, she's supposed to be that, otherwise she wouldn't be that popular :D Looking closer though, i believe the other half of the story is that Leanne Crow remained amazingly personal and unaffected - she has even a shy side, as i mentioned in my previous entry - what makes her look so fresh, vivid and exciting. So that with almost new set she shines again.   

Here's an image that Leanne just posted to her Twitter. It's brand new, a sample from shoots she just did in the Netherlands. As usual, no further info has been given, like where the whole set will appear. From this sample alone it's not even obvious if it will feature her topless. The outfit looks priceless, supporting her wonderful curviness in the ultimate way. And yes, no shyness here, yet her super dynamic, unstoppable girlie look - attitude with cuteness - is simply overwhelming. Have we ever seen her that stellar? If i were urged to keep only 3 images of Leanne, this one definitely would be one of them. I can't wait to hear (and see) more of that.


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  1. Yep Leanne your giving me another boner! If you pull those puppies out I will have to start yanking my crank again even thou I just cleaned my pipes out 5 minutes ago.


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