Feb 28, 2012

Samantha 38G: Colorful... And Sensual Fireworks

Who said Samantha 38G wouldn't do radiant sets? Nobody of course. Samantha surely is the queen of BBW porn, so people would expect her doing that, and consequently her site is filled with an x-amount of hardcore - too many releases to count them. Having these tremendous looking 38G boobs and being such a monumental performer in front of the camera, it always knocks my socks off seeing Samantha 38G doing solo performances or solo intros, even after my expectations in her case are higher than usual. Solo Sammy, an image and video release that came out on her site in January, instantly absorbs our attention with the vivid hot pink and purple colors all over, matching Sam's outfit in such a great way, with her thigh high black boots adding another momentum. But Sam of course wouldn't just show us eye candy. Once the visuals have strongly attracted our attention, she powers off, setting this colorful scenery on fire with her sensual overdrive. While seeing her boobs so upfront remains a delight like on the first say Sam appeared on the scene. Samples from the preview gallery:


Screen shots from the WMV sample clips:



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